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Can you purchase your doctorate online?

Initially, the idea of purchasing a doctorate online may sound rather unusual – especially for people residing outside the United States. After all, it is typically necessary to attend university for many years before one can receive a Ph.D. So how is it possible that you can simply order your doctorate on this website right now? The answer is simple: Our honorary degrees are not academic titles (such as a medical doctorate or a Ph.D in law). Instead, they are ecclesiastical titles in fields that are not protected. This means that as a church, we can not award a doctorate in the field of medicine and – along the same lines – no university can award you a title in metaphysics. We would now like to invite you to read through our information pertaining to legal aspects regarding our titles. Please excuse that this section is rather lengthy. However, after reading through these texts, you will definitely be as well-informed as one would expect of a future holder of an honorary doctorate.

Titles from a U.S. church: Reasons why an honorary degree can be obtained from a Church in the USA
Naturally, we keep getting questions as to the legitimacy of the degrees offered by us. It prompts us to go into more detail since some visitors have become ambivalent owing to wrongly researched information by third parties. Regrettably, your country‘s laws and American laws are frequently mixed up, nor is any substantiation of these false and sometimes illogical claims provided, which we hereby like to refute.

For the purpose of clarification:
Here in the USA, state and religion are kept strictly separate. Already the first settlers on Rhode Island, persecuted for their beliefs as Quakers by the English crown, practiced separation between state and religion. Today, these tenets of separation have been promulgated as the first amendment to the US constitution and were adopted on 15 December 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights (“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”).

During a census, no citizen is asked questions about his/her religious affiliation, as the state does not care what an individual’s religious beliefs are. Nor does the state recognise strictly delineated and organised categories of faith, so anyone may found his own Church. There even exists a “Spongebob Church” in New York state. If you wish to take a look at the site, it becomes evident that no state-imposed rules exist which govern the founding of a Church.

The dominant creeds are not registered and therefore there are no verifiable records as to membership size or type of denomination. No listing of free Churches is extant. Well-regarded Churches (free Churches) are usually founded as non-profit corporations. Any other listing of a Church by the government plainly and simply will not take place. The Church’s existence hence needs to be proven by its setting up a non-profit corporation—if the founder wishes to put his Church on the map.

The MLDC with headquarters in Florida is such a Church with the “articles of incorporation” entered in the Miami corporate register, together with the description that its purpose is leadership of a religious community, thereby establishing its credentials as a Church and allowing MLDC to bestow ecclesiastical honours.

Purchase a title?
There are universities world-wide which offer honorary doctoral degrees in exchange for monetary contributions toward certain research projects or in appreciation of donations. The practice also exists here. As a “valued person” you may be awarded an honorary doctoral title. This is common practice at universities. In the case of the MLDC, we are not talking about a university in the accepted sense, as would be the prestigious Harvard University. The MLDC offers ecclesiastical honorary awards, so-called Professor Doctor h.c., Professor h.c. or Doctor h.c. designations. Since these are solely based on ecclesiastical models and can as such not be mistaken for academic titles, the MLDC does not fall into the category of “title trades”, permitting you to wear the titles in the prescribed form.

You may, however, not buy a title but are allowed to wear it only when awarded. Hence we award your title in exchange for a donation.

Wearing/displaying a title

Doctoral degrees as well as the designation ‘professor’ may be used in the non-academic field unless they are likely to be mistaken for bona fide professional designations. Here, (false) designation is defined as an assumed title being deceptively similar to a professional title when in the judgment of a non-partisan observer of average intelligence the distinction would not be obvious.

Thus, our titles must be used in a manner which excludes the likelihood of being mistaken for academic degrees. Clearly recognisable must be:

(1) the fact that it concerns an ecclesiastical, honorary degree (h.c.)
(2) the type of professional discipline
(3) the country of origin

Abiding by these forms of expression permits the wearing/display of honorary degrees as offered by us.

First name Last name Dr. h.c. of metaphysics, MLDC Institute (USA)


Dr. h.c. First name Last name of metaphysics, (MLDC/USA)

Be sure to abbreviate ecclesiastical designations only when no confusion with domestic or foreign titles can possibly occur.

The only precondition for wearing an ecclesiastical title is the right of the foreign body to legally bestow it in its native country (the US in our case). By virtue of the fact that the MLDC in the USA, as free Church, may award honorary doctorates within the religious domain, it is equally legitimate all over the world.

Do be cognizant of the following:
We are not talking about an academic doctorate as title to become a legal attribute of your name. The type of Ph.D. can only be attained after long years of study and subsequent promotion. There is no other way, even though some vendors on dubious websites will try to tell you otherwise. Nowhere in the world can you buy an academic doctorate. Nor may you commission a dissertation or pay for a “promotion advisor” to help you get a Ph.D. degree.

It is not the honorary doctorate of an academic nature, which becomes a legal attribute of your name. Universities award honorary doctorates either for outstanding scientific achievements or meritorious service by the candidate or for large sums in donations. Honorary doctorates in academia conferred by “institutes of higher learning” in Bulgaria, Bogota, Russia or other places are not recognised in other countries and often not even in the country where they were issued.

We are dealing with an honorary doctorate in the ecclesiastical domain. You are awarded an honorary degree from the MLDC institute in Miami, Florida. This title of Ph.D. pertains to religious affairs. It must not be mistaken for an academic degree either in jurisprudence, medicine or philosophy and it is incumbent upon you to rigorously maintain that distinction. You may not use the title in the form of “Dr. First/Last name.” You must always include the discipline, country of origin, and awarding body or agency.

Foreign titles for money

Academic titles
Some dealers in titles promise graduate degrees from otherwise above-board academic institutions when those papers are nothing but unscrupulous forgeries. Others peddle graduate papers from institutions which don’t remotely live up to central European standards, essentially making a mockery of their usage or approaching legality in their original form at best. In the final analysis, only scientific achievement opens the door to academic titles. Hence the distinction between academic and honorary titles; the title of “Honorary doctor of metaphysics” is legal to wear since there is no credible scientific evidence which would justify protection of such nebulous appellation. It is an entirely different story in academia.

Ecclesiastical titles
People often claim that purchasing and displaying our titles is illegal. Fact is, many people are apt to overlook that those titles are not the academic kind, but ecclesiastical ones instead; therefore, a distinction must be drawn. Purchased academic titles may not be appended to your name, as opposed to those of ecclesiastical origin, which are conferred in exchange for a donation. We don’t know of a single country, in which these ecclesiastical degrees would be an issue as long as they cannot be mistaken for an academic degree and as long as the original source and issuing agency are identified.


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