The Ph.D.h.c.

Ecclesiastical forms of dignitary – church titles

Dr.h.c. degree
The abbreviation Dr. h.c. stands for Doctor honoris causa. Doctor (or the female doctrix) is derived and anglicised from the Latin verb docere = teach and/or the adjective doctus = learned). Honoris causa, literally translated from the Latin: in honour of, means in a transliterated sense “for exceptionally meritorious service to the profession”.

Those doctorates are not academically earned titles, but ecclesiastical ones. Given that fact, an honorary Ph.D. designation always must have its title spelled out. A simple “Dr.” constitutes a violation of the law as it suggests the presence of a university-level degree. As the law states: “It is illegal to use or mention the title in a manner creating the impression among the public of it being a valid academic degree.” The superior academic degree of a Ph.D. has been earned by promotion. Promotion from an institution of higher learning (e.g. a university) is a precondition for the writing of a dissertation. The Dr. h.c. does not require a dissertation since it is an honorary degree.

Holding an honorary doctorate from MLDC

As member of a Christian community, you are called upon of being a role model in terms of engagement and courage vis-à-vis your fellow man. You are expected to act in the spirit of moral and personal responsibility. Your conduct should be guided by compassion for those needing our help. Please put to good use the resources you will have at your disposal with the award of an honorary MLDC doctorate. When your heart-felt empathy and intellectual steadfastness coalesce, you will enter a rewarding and benign realm of consciousness. It also will enable you to enrich the lives of your fellow man by setting examples worth emulating.


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